Goodluck Santa with reindeer Brave


Remember me? I´m Back! The world-famous Goodluck Troll, also known as the Dam Troll, has been transformed from toy to design icon.

Height: Santa 14 cm, reindeer 11 cm
Material: Special ceramics
Hair: Sheepskin hair

The Package contains one Santa and one reindeer. 

The Goodluck Troll was created in the 1960s and soon after children and adults across the globe fell in love with the little troll.
The Christmas Collection was important to the creator of the Goodluck Troll Thomas Dam and for his family. This also shows in the more than 50 different Christmas creations that he made over the years. One of the most sought after and iconic works from Thomas Dam was Santa with his reindeer.
Now, this product is being re-launched in a new and modern version that fits the cozy Christmas spirit. Now, lovely memories with the Goodluck Troll can be passed on to new generations when the family gathers for joyful moments during Christmas time.

The product is designed so that candy and small gifts can be stored in the sled and more reindeers can be added to Santa’s sled.

The reindeer Brave is the courageous one in Santa’s reindeer flock and he is Santa’s faithful companion. Brave always finds a way through the snowy weather on Christmas night and makes sure that children around the world get exactly what they want for Christmas. Additional reindeer can be purchased: The Reindeer Cheerful is the happy one in Santa’s reindeer flock and he is the one who always keeps up the good spirit. With his head slightly tilted and his recognizable white blaze on his chest, Cheerful is a lovely addition to the herd.

When Christmas night feels long and mood fails, Cheerful is ready to cheer up the rest of the pack. Christmas is saved!

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