Creation Process ✨

All of Santa Store ornaments are entirely handmade. No machines are used in the ornaments creation process. Santa Store ornaments creation process has several steps.

Design idea

Everything was an idea at first. The handmade ornaments currently represented at Santa Store are designed and produced by European Artisans following centuries old traditions of glass blowing. In order to produce an ornament in a desired unique shape a clay model should be created first. Once all the details are polished and the model is approved, a metal mould is produced which is used in the next step of the process - glass blowing.

Glass blowing

Santa Store ornaments are blown directly from the artisan's mouth above an open flame. The glass-blower works with tubes made of a clear soda calcium glass and after choosing the right size and thickness, the glass blower takes great care of coordinating mouth blowing while operating the steel mould that shapes the heated glass. 

You can see this part of the process on this video

The result of this process is a clear glass ornament which is ready to proceed to the next step of the production process. 


All the clear glass ornaments undergo silvering procedure. Silvering enriches the depth of the colour and adds luminosity and mirror effect. Liquid silver solution is injected in a clear glass ornament, which is then bathed in a hot water bath. The chemical reaction between the hot water from the outside and silver solution on the inside provides an ornament with the desired silver effect. Once the ornaments are dry on both the inside and the outside, they are hand-dipped in a lacquer base coat and after that the ornament is ready for the next step of the journey - hand painting and decoration.

Hand painting

Once the ornaments are dry, the final step of the ornament creation process begins. Each ornament is hand-painted, colours are applied layer by layer, one at a time. Once painting is completed, depending on the design, extra sparkle is added to the final product, the neck of the ornament is trimmed, crown is added and an entirely handmade beauty is ready for delivery to shine on your Christmas tree!
We currently work together with wonderful family owned businesses in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany who help to fulfil Santa Store mission to share the the magic✨and passion of the centuries old glassblowing tradition of European Artisans, their premium handmade quality and pride with the world💝.