Story behind Santa Store 💝

Santa Store is founded in July 2020 and is a digital brand which means that it operates exclusively online.

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With the current global situation I do not foresee an opening of a show room or a physical store but feel free to drop me a line if you know or are an existing retailer or store who would like to collaborate and sell similar products in their brick and mortar business.

Santa Store 💝 mission is to share the magic✨and passion of the centuries old glassblowing tradition of European Artisans, their pride and premium handmade quality of their crafts💝.

Each product represented at Santa Store is mouth-blown from real glass and hand-painted exclusively by European Artisans.

I deeply believe that European craftsmanship deserves more appreciation and recognition than ever during these times.

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True North Wander trading as Santa Store is a sole proprietorship with Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number 74731238 and VAT (BTW) number NL002495541B69.